About Us
Who We Are
We are a small Christian School based out of Shady Acres Baptist Church. Our pastor's wife, Sis Marsha Farley had a burden to get our children out of the public school system. She founded the School and taught it for many years. She gathered up like-minded people, and they started a Christian School. We are open to children from Christian families looking to seek Christ in their education.
We host grades 1-12 and we currently have approximately 40 students.

Bro. Nathan and Sis. Carrie Cox currently teach and run the school.

Our Mission
We strive to provide a Christ-centered education that will enrich the children both academically and spiritually.

Our Values
It is our desire that each student will:
• Come to know and love the Lord their God
• Strive for academic excellence
• Desire to grow in general knowledge and the knowledge of our Savior